Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - To Share With, What Is To Hear Devided

Split release by Das Synthetische Mischgewebe members Chemin! (Isabelle Chemin) & G.do (Guido Hübner), one cassette each.

Chemin! / G.do - To Share With, What Is To Hear Devided
Sounds For Consciousness Rape SFCR 09 (1990)

Chemin! - Installations In Movement
a1-a3, b1-b4

G.Do - Feedback, Feed Me, Feedelity
a1-a2, b1-b3

Chemin! - Installations In Movement
G.Do - Feedback, Feed Me, Feedelity

And few mixes of the two together -

Concrete sounds installations in movement.

"With my installations, that I create with found objects of various different materials, I try to work on a (sonic) articulation of different forms of space and movement...

The sounds of side A were recorded directly on a Sony professional, the sounds of side B were recorded on a Fostex 160 and mastered on a Sony professional without effects."

List of the used objects:
brick; bamboo; metal, wood, and glass bars
plastic shade; bamboo; loaf sugar
metallic stand from iron board; palm branch
cake tin; bread shovel
metallic rings; metallic heating shade
wood sewing machine cover; sugarloaf; wood spool

Feedback, Feed Me, Feedelity

"Microphone, amplifier, and loudspeaker used as
'closed circuit' means, to use them against the, to them awarded, aesthetic function... Feedbacks can be generated through the electromechanical stimulation of the own resonance of the integrated membranes in microphone and loudspeaker...

...On the this tape presented recordings, I've specially integrated analogue effects, 2 voltage controlled filters, and one delay. The feedbacks between the various microphones and loudspeakers are additional manipulated by the use of tubes, buckets, clay forms, metal cases. The whole was recorded on a Fostex 160 and is mastered on a Sony professional without additional effects."


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I read a article under the same title some time ago, but this articles quality is much, much better. How you do this?

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Thanks. The text is taken from the booklet that came with the tapes.