Monday, April 5, 2010

Rubber (O) Cement - Clusto Pumps + The Flawge & Toggle

2 Rubber (O) Cement cassettes. No description I could give could surpass this:

"Rubber O Cement was put together as a direct idea for a super science future that will happen after some basic electricity classes. The next technological breakthroughs are realized in a zero-tech way with the emulation of the unrealized 'next step' with the actual "vision" existing in the present. The first experiment was to build a Computer that plays music and looks like it's doing something. The original CIMEVOX 30084 could shake and twirl it's reel to reels while playing some of the most tortured synthesizer sounds [sounding like it's doing something]... Next up: the human head! It can store only so much information within it’s small dome. A cube shape is not only ‘functional’ it looks good and can stack easily at night next to other cubes depending on the amount of money invested for memory." - Rubber (O) Cement

'The CLUSTO PUMP: A simple used shoe with a cassette of Rubber O Cement's music that mixed with the instructions allows the listener super human 'feets'.'

'The FLAWGE-TOGGLER: This joystick and patch kit of bat wings and wires allowed the buyer to assemble his and her angle monitor planes that worked on algea and garbage. It came with a calm tone cd or cassette. The big goal, that every fan is behind at this point, is to have a show on the moon within the next 15 years using rocket jets as instruments with the Cimevox made into a sending/receiving satellite. Please wish them luck...'

Clusto Pumps + The Flawge & Toggle

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