Monday, January 10, 2011

Gate - Metric

Majora, 1992

LP reissue of the third cassette by Gate (Michael Morley of The Dead C). Still one his best, I think. Melancholic lo-fi guitar scrape and moan. Excellent.

a1 Opening My Arms
a2 Hope
a3 Call Constellations
a4 Forced Sight
b1 Your Face
b2 Selfhate
b3 Freedom Child
b4 Evidence

Gate - Metric


Golden CD
IMD, 1996

Singles compilation.

1 Wonderill
2 Tonken
3 Trig.
4 Prophet
5 Rebel
6 I.O.M. (1967-1992)
7 Julian Daspher Gate Experience I
8 Julian Daspher Gate Experience II
9 Julian Daspher Gate Experience III
10 Julian Daspher Gate Experience IV
11 Sunshine
12 Ives
13 [ ] /Mett.
14 King

Gate - Golden


sans titre said...

very nice... have this on record but too lazy to rip thus far, still looking for "guitar" ... very difficult to find physically or otherwise. if you have could trade for "amerika" or the tanaka-nixon meeting 8"s... all of which I have, along w/ the TNM lp (have to get a new cartridge for the bang & olufsen)... nice blog btw

brain said...

Thanks. I don't have Guitar, unfortunately.

bobbysu said...

thank you very much

Catherine and Simon said...

Bravo - Call Constellations is one of my favourite all time tracks. The Dead C version doesn't quite hang together as well.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit.

post more shit please.