Saturday, May 30, 2009

blackhumour - binary (and/or)

One my favorite sound artists, using only the human voice as source material.

"NO blackhumour piece has used anything other than found object (spoken) human voice and editing techniques. (since 1986, digital editing has been included, thanks to inexpensive digital sampling.) I wanted the sound source to be absolutely basic. The human voice speaking was about as basic as i could get. The rationale being that we are constantly hearing speech, whether it is from others, or simply the sound of our own voices in our ears."

blackhumour - binary (and/or)
Nihilistic Recordings (NhR034)

human voice only
digital and analog editing
no reverb
no effects
no speed- or back-masking

think like math

a1 - no talent
a2 - the smell of tall buildings
a3 - essensual
b1 - bill me later
b2 - immaterial
b3 - see dick run

blackhumour - binary (and/or)

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