Saturday, May 23, 2009

Various - Out Of Context

Excellent cassette compilation on Banned Production from 1985. Also re-released on CD-R. Lots of other great stuff available as well from Banned Production.

A1 Joseph Nechvatal - Excerpt From "Absurd"
A2 Philip Perkins - The Flame Of Ambition
A3 black tape for a blue girl - Slow Blur
A4 Ramleh - Excerpt From "Hate"
A5 Unknown Artist - Excerpt From "Jaws"
A6 Mystery Hearsay - Caplet
A7 Joseph Nechvatal - Another Excerpt From "Absurd"
A8 Vivenza Forces - Jointes En Nombre
A9 37 - Pink Skulls
A10 Deathranch - Excerpt From "Gas"
A11 Joel Haertling - Soundtrack From The Stan Brakhage Film "Fireloop"
A12 Architects Office - A06D.4 Excerpt 1
B1 The Amnesia Quartet - Slob
B2 Rick Sanford - Swepyt
B3 Joseph Nechvatal Final - Excerpt From "Absurd"
B4 Ramleh - Excerpt From "Hate"
B5 Scott Fraser - Phils Shoes
B6 Brook Hinton - What Are We Missing?
B7 PGR - Kingdoms Of The Sun
B8 Merzbow - Re-Mark
B9 Philip Perkins - Worrisome Fanfare / Weekend With The Kids
B10 Architects Office - A06D.4 Excerpt 2

Side A
Side B


Dualtrack said...

Great share, never heard this before! Thanks much!

Nihil_3st said...

My pleasure. Glad you enjoyed it.