Friday, June 11, 2010

Homo Sexpiens Project

3Rio Tapes

Very interesting and eclectic thematic compilation from Hybryds' 3Rio Tapes label. Beautifully mixed by Magthea, this almost plays more like a sound collage than a compilation. From noise and various flavors of experimental to gay love songs (literally), not to mention the obligatory porn samples aplenty. This was released in 2 editions, a c90 with art booklet (unfortunately missing from my copy) and later as a c60 minus a few tracks.

a1 Janice Peshke + Absolute Controlled Clinical Maniacs - Nymph
a2 Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl - Cherry Sized Nipples Are Classic
a3 Experdo Credo Roberto - 20000 Geile Maagden
a4 Rudi Wilderjans + The Haters - Sexmix + The Whipping
a5 Misz - Don't Do That Doing Doggy
a6 Mask - Decay
a7 Psyclones & Schlafengarten - Tenderloin
a8 Soft Joke - Fast Love
a9 Zanonym - Lilith
a10 Dennis Carlton - Could She Love Me?
a11 Merzbow - Corruption (Exerpt)
a12 De Fabriek - Interviews + Weltschmerz - Nein (Exerpts)
a13 Barry Edgar Pilcher + Weltschmerz - Sexophonesounds
a14 37 Pink - Klub Pussy
a15 Robert English - Bulge
b1 Pan-Pan - Toskan
b2 Unovidual + Absent - My Lesbian Girlfirends
b3 P231 - Sexual Ritual + Inmix Emanuele
b4 Sigmund Und Sein Freund - Eat My Pussy
b5 Pleasure Girls - Dirty Words
b6 Man's Hate - Flash Of Flesh
b7 DDAA - Amour Amour
b8 Het Zweet + Koffie Verkeerd - Dante's Second Circle + Excerpt From Doornroosje Interview
b9 Viscera - Mons Vernis
b10 Merzbow - Corruption (Exerpt)
b11 Red Rat - Untitled Sounds + Inmix
b12 BGF - Untitled Sounds
b13 Weltschmerz + Pleasure Girls + Kibbo Kift + De Fabriek + Barry Edgar Pilcher - Kneel And Kiss + Interviews + Saxsound

Homo Sexpiens Project

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Anonymous said...

Nice Cassette, I wonder if Rudi Wilderjans is the same guy as the one I know from Borgloon in Belgium?