Saturday, May 29, 2010

Allerseelen - Schwartzer Rab

C60 (Sakristei, Austria)

"The raven plays an essential part in Indian, Siberian, and Eskimo cultures. In their tales, there are various connections between raven and sun. The raven is playing with the light. It is stealing it to bring it to man, but is also taking it away again....

Recordings of ravens appear on several releases by Allerseelen. As the raven has almost died out in Middle Europe. The musical works by Allerseelen may be considered as requiem for this bird as well as evocation of it's survival.

'In this moment the raven itself took away the sun, as there were too many men who killed too many animals. Without light men should die.' (Eskimo tale)"

a Schwartzer Rab
b1 Arche
b2 Schwartzstinckend Gifft
b3 Sigrist
b4 Herbstzeitlose

Allerseelen - Schwartzer Rab

Schwartzer Rab. Chorol requiem for raven, violine, kettledrum.
Recorded on 16.X1.989

Arche. Schwartzstinckend Gifft. Sigrist. Herbstzeitlose.
Recorded on 17.X1.989

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