Saturday, May 29, 2010

Allerseelen - Autdaruta

A couple of early Allerseelen tapes. While later releases have more of a martial-industrial-neofolk sound, the early cassettes are usually much more sparse and ritualistic in character.

"In my music I am working very much with noises, sounds. I am using them as symbols to represent and express certain ideas. My music is a psychoacoustic symbolism, it should be a sacred science incorporating mythological and psychological aspects." - Kadmon

Allerseelen - Autdaruta
C60 (Aorta, Austria)

Instruments: Ravens, Wolves, Chorol Flute, Bones, Violine, Bass, Drums, Synth.
Recorded at Sakristei from 28th June to 13th July, 1989.

a1 Fenris
a2 Korava
a3 Autdaruta
a4 Wolfram
a5 Schwartzer Rab
b1 Hugin
b2 Munin
b3 Freki
b4 Geri
b5 Nuctemeron

Allerseelen - Autdaruta

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