Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stelarc - Stelarc

Anckarström R6, 1991

"The artificial hand, attached to the right arm as a third hand, motor mechanism picked up by a contact mic...Body processes amplified include brainwaves, muscles, heartbeat, pulse, blood flow... Actions such as flicking of the fingers, bending the arm, twitching the facial muscles, turning the torso, and lifting the leg bring forth a cascade of sound...buzzing, warbling, clicking, thumping, beeping, and whooshing sounds... The Argon laser eyes are modulated by the heartbeat, pulsing on and off..." 

1 Obsolete: Ampified Body & Third Hand
2 Remote: Automatic Arm, Sound-Responsive Eyes & Third Hand
3 Laser Eyes, Eternal Ears
4 Elapsed Horizon, Enhanced Assumption

Stelarc - Stelarc

"Having spent two thousand years prodding and poking the human psyche without any real discernible changes in our historical and human outlook, we perhaps need to take a more fundamental physiological and structural approach, and consider the fact that it's only through radically redesigning the body that we will end up having significantly different thoughts and philosophies." Stelarc.

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the saucer people said...

It was your Two Daughters post that led me to your blog - It is a rare thing to see, working links this old - luckily, your posts will fly under the MediaFire copyright bots radar and will hopefully be around for a while.

I have been looking for the Stelarc release for years - I met him at a conference here in the UK around 93/94 and he was such a wonderful human being with the most infectious laugh I have ever heard and I remember asking him about any media and he mentioned this.

Have not thought about his work for a long time, I am off to investigate what he is currently doing... ah he grew an ear on his arm, which is not that unexpected I guess.

Thanks again for keeping the blog archive alive - it is really appreciated.