Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beig Sitty Orckestrau - So Much Cleaner Than A Subway

Divulgo, 1993

Another Big City Orchestra cassette, from 1993 . Some very nice soundscapes on this, among other things.

a1 She's All My Fancy Painted Him
a2 Stanchezza Soundtrack
a3 One Fish, Two Fish
a4 Supinator Brevis
a5 Yellow Atrophy
a6 Fistlous Tract In Toto
b1 Heart Of Oak
b2 Well Developed Sentinel Pile
b3 Ode To Spot
b4 Taenia Solium

Beig Sitty Orckestrau - So Much Cleaner Than A Subway

For many more (and I do mean MANY) BCO tapes check out
nostalgie de la boue.


Alex T - El Topo said...

Many thanks for this. Another piece on the infinite puzzle of Big City Orchestra releases. A short wanted list of old K7s:
- Myth Makers (Nihilistic Recordings)
- Absence Sharpens, Presents Strenghtens (CGE Records)
- Sustance Abuse (The Subelectrick Institute)
- Aime-Morot (Harsh Reality Music)
- Childhood Rememberences (Seiten Sprung Aufnahmen)
- Bell, Book and Candle (Tears Compilations)

All the best
Alex T - El Topo

brain said...

My pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Many, many other Big City Orchestra tapes available at "".


Art Of Losing said...

Great tape. Thanks.

brain said...

Quite right, Anonymous. I neglected to mention or link to the recent BCO posting spree. Now remedied above.