Saturday, March 26, 2011

Die Tödliche Doris - Unser Debut

Ata Tak (WR 33, 1984)

"In 1984 appeared the LP "Our Debut." The Musical theme of this production was the direct adoption of the current impulse of a number of underground and independent bands longing for "breakthrough," "commercial success," "hit." Accordingly the music on "Our Debut" should sound anxious, willful, intense, ambitious, pushy, and at the same time commercial.

The counterpart appeared two years later. The LP "six" (1986) was the opposite: "uncommercial," "autonomous," "experimental" and "maladjusted." Here not popular but electronic music is suggested.

In fact, the music of both LPs developed at the same time in a studio in Düsseldorf. Both albums are constructed so that they correspond to one another in music, text and arrangement and comprise a unity if one plays them at the same time from the first piece on, on two record players with their respective A- or B-sides. The parallel pieces are the same length to the minute, from one track to the next, and offer a variety of textual, musical and semantic interactions.

By playing both LPs together the invisible fifth LP, an immaterial LP emerges in the mind of the listener."

a1 Südwestwind - The Sound Of Bells
a2 Ungerechtigkeit (Hinter Glas Oder Folie)
a3 Noch 14 Vorstellungen
a4 Nachdenken, Gedächtnis Und Gesang
a5 Auf Dem Lande b) Tatsachen
b1 Unser Debut / Dtsch.-Engl.
b2 Ungerechtigkeit II (20 Pfennig Finderlohn)
b3 Lieblingslied / Verunglückt (5)
b4 Weltkonferenz Hochalpen

Die Tödliche Doris - Unser Debut

Plus, my own version of the "invisible fifth LP".

Sechs, as well as their first album, can be found on Mutant Sounds

Die Tödliche Doris website

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