Thursday, June 18, 2009

Croiners - The Relentless Rhythm of Change

Excellent tape of looped madness and keyboard maladies. A longtime favorite.

"Croiners (a.k.a. James Levine) has taken digital and tape-loop technology beyond its minimalist beginnings, blending complex layers of synthesized and natural sounds with occasional found-sound elements, weaving involved and colorful textures into nearly tangible sound objects."
(The Cassete Mythos)

Croiners - The Relentless Rhythm Of Change
Jim Tapes (007) 198?

all tracks untitled

Croiners - The Relentless Rhythm of Change


Curious Guy said...

Thanks for this rare Croiners tape. Unfortunately track b8 is corrupted. Any chance for a re-up on that one? Thanks.

Nihil_3st said...

Sure, no problem. Here it is - croiners b8.mp3

Curious Guy said...

Thank you!

Uri Moline said...

Never enough Croiners, thanks!!!