Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pacific 231 - Sachlichkeit

Originally part of the early 80's industrial/power electronics scene, French artist Pacific 231 (Pierre Jolivet) soon moved on to a more atmospheric and experimental territory. This tape consists of two pieces. Side A is a bit noisier with trumpet(?), voice, and delay. Side B is more rhythmic with voice, bass, chimes, and choral voices. Very meditative.

Currently based in Dublin, Ireland. Pacific 231 - Sound Exploration in Motion

Pacific 231 - Sachlichkeit
Tonspur Tapes (TT 21) 1988

Side A - Soundtrack From The Elisabeth Morcellet Video "Figures Narcissiques" 1987 (13:45)
Side B - Live Improvisation At AF Radio Paris 1987 (16:40)

Pacific 231 - Sachlichkeit


Dualtrack said...

Thanks for this, P231 is one of my favorites!

Nihil_3st said...

One of mine too. Glad you liked.