Monday, June 1, 2009

Doc Wör Mirran - Severe Pig

Not sure how to define this other than excellent noisy experimental garagey weirdness. A great album.

"Musically, it is one of DWM's typical hybrid albums, featuring both guitar oriented tracks mixed with industrial and experimental, and although the production can be rough, it has stood the test of time and remains one of the best DWM releases."

Doc Wör Mirran - Severe Pig
RRRecords/Empty Records

Doc Wör Mirran on RRR

a1 When Rain Cries
a2 The Human Prospect
a3 Why?
a4 Butthole OD #1
a5 Your Laughter
a6 Everyday Part 1
a7 Everyday Part 2
a8 Natter Natter Monster
a9 Murder On The Elfengrund
b1 Morale, Welfare & Recreation
b2 Joel Selvin Can't Dance
b3 Tongue Thrust
b4 Strange Sea Battles
b5 The Butt-Bird Fails In Its Attempt To Fly
b6 Thalidomide Dinosaur
b7 Successful Demented Old Fucks
b8 Barfing Butterflies
b9 Battle For The Bubble

Doc Wör Mirran - Severe Pig

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