Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thee Wand - Test Ov Eyes

Thee Wand - Test Ov Eyes
Temple Records/World Domination Club
(none/WDC-2301) (1991)

All music decoumposed by Z'ev, Megs'on (Genesis P'Orridge), & Gini Ball.
This is the first in a series of special releases of music by members of Psychic TV. Limited to 100 copies.

"Thee processed trumpet is from a recording made in 1963 ov a US Marine Trumpeter trying to play reveille whilst high on a dose ov LSD during secret trials ov it's effectiveness as a 'psychomimmetic' weapon.

Instruments used apart from thee trumpet tape to generate initial sounds prior to heavy processing are all ritual instruments. They include Tibetan Bowls, Nepalese Temple Bells, African Goat Skin Drums, and an array of percussion from thee four directions ov B-Earth. No electronic or amplified instruments were used.

In particular, Z'ev played all drums, Gini played all violins.

Thee Self-imposed brief was to create a musick that had thee same psychoactive trance effects as ancient ritual musicks first generated on thee original instruments used, butter regenerated through a purely coumtemporary system ov effects."

A Test Ov Eyes, Part One (a1-a7)
B Test Ov Eyes, Part Two (b1-b8)

Thee Wand - Test Ov Eyes

The basic tracks were also released as a different mix on Psychic TV's Direction Ov Travel.

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