Sunday, May 31, 2009

blackhumour - was inappropriate

Another blackhumour cassette and one of my favorites. As usual for Banned releases, great packaging. This one came in a giftwrapped box.

blackhumour - was inappropriate
Banned Production (BP-23)

a1 - criteria - no charge
a2 - the nightnurse wore black
a3 - he is in error
b1 - complaints of sore feet
b2 - a necessary expenditure
b3 - and eventually...

blackhumour - was inappropriate

Saturday, May 30, 2009

blackhumour - binary (and/or)

One my favorite sound artists, using only the human voice as source material.

"NO blackhumour piece has used anything other than found object (spoken) human voice and editing techniques. (since 1986, digital editing has been included, thanks to inexpensive digital sampling.) I wanted the sound source to be absolutely basic. The human voice speaking was about as basic as i could get. The rationale being that we are constantly hearing speech, whether it is from others, or simply the sound of our own voices in our ears."

blackhumour - binary (and/or)
Nihilistic Recordings (NhR034)

human voice only
digital and analog editing
no reverb
no effects
no speed- or back-masking

think like math

a1 - no talent
a2 - the smell of tall buildings
a3 - essensual
b1 - bill me later
b2 - immaterial
b3 - see dick run

blackhumour - binary (and/or)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Loopy But Chic (Harsh Blend)

Home-Made Music For Home-Made People Vol. 4
"Loopy But Chic" (Harsh Blend)
Insane Music INS 31 1985

A1 - Horse He's Sick, The - Don't Know Where You Came From
A2 - Vivenza - Théorie De La Contradiction 3
A3 - Gros Phoque Sergio - ERE Cherche GOLO
A4 - De Fabriek - Loopy
A5 - If, Bwana - Accident-Free Households
A6 - Architects Office - X 0145 C
A7 - Jules Nerbard - A Dimanche!
A8 - Vox Populi! - Ovan
A9 - Maybe Mental - Sustenance
A10 - Tom Furgas - The Damn Thing Bit Me On Purpose
A11 - De Fabriek - But
A12 - Cause For Concern - Bent Boomerang (Extract)
A13 - Le Syndicat - Ritual (Extract)
A14 - Radio Prague - Ode A La Photographie
A15 - Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl - Panty Samba
B1 - Psyclones - Live 11/23/1984 (Extract 3)
B2 - Pacific 231 (2) - Le Château Des Supplices (Second Version)
B3 - Vivenza - Théorie De La Contradiction 1
B4 - Jules Nerbard - Chrétien
B5 - Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl - Guitar March
B6 - Maybe Mental - Quadripartite I
B7 - Voidkampf - Loopy But Chic
B8 - Tom Furgas - Time
B9 - E.T. Ben Souf - Thubal Holoferme II
B10 - Les 3 Phallus - Phallus Effrayé (Extract)
B11 - White Hand - RAW Soundtrack (Excerpt)
B12 - If, Bwana - A Condensed History Of Religion
B13 - Le Syndicat - Binaire 3

Loopy But Chic (Harsh Blend)

Loopy But Chic (Soft Blend)

One of the many great cassette compilations released by Insane Music.

Home-Made Music For Home-Made People Vol. 3
"Loopy But Chic" (Soft Blend)
Insane Music INS 30 1984

A1 - Leo Marino - Uvas Y Uvas
A2 - Horse He's Sick, The - Know Not Why
A3 - Eduardo Polonio* - Munodi's Promenade
A4 - E.T. Ben Souf - Thubal Holoferme I
A5 - Vox Populi! - Holkar
A6 - Psyclones - Live 11/23/84 (Extract 1)
A7 - Sergi Caballero - Como Corres, Palmira!
A8 - Paul K. - Zvesda! (Extract)
A9 - Architects Office - X 0 146 "Kinoks" An Dziga Vertov Gewidmit
A10 - Tom Furgas - Orchestra Phase
A11 - Camino Al Desvan - Variacion Sobre Un Miercoles III
A12 - Gros Phoque Sergio - Fruits
A13 - M.A.L. (2) - Recapitulation Part 1
A14 - M.A.L. (2) - Recapitulation Part 2
B1 - Bene Gesserit - Séquence Spéciale
B2 - Victor Nubla - Ajetreo Matutino
B3 - M. Nomized - L'Homme Au Chapeau Mou
B4 - Horse He's Sick, The - Snorkel
B5 - John Hinds - Contact Edit #1
B6 - Jules Nerbard - Le 5ème Livre
B7 - FâLX çèrêbRi - Back At Home
B8 - Eduardo Polonio* - Ataïr
B9 - Paul K. - Scottish (Extract)
B10 - Psyclones - Live 11/23/84 (Extract 2)
B11 - Vivenza - Théorie De La Contradiction 2
B12 - Sergi Caballero - Scarlet O'Hara
B13 - I Scream - Excerpt From Stress (Recorded In 1975)
B14 - Victor Nubla - El Arqueologo En Su Apasionante Busqueda De Blungui-Bli
B15 - Tom Furgas - Intentionally Happy

side A
side B

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Various - Out Of Context

Excellent cassette compilation on Banned Production from 1985. Also re-released on CD-R. Lots of other great stuff available as well from Banned Production.

A1 Joseph Nechvatal - Excerpt From "Absurd"
A2 Philip Perkins - The Flame Of Ambition
A3 black tape for a blue girl - Slow Blur
A4 Ramleh - Excerpt From "Hate"
A5 Unknown Artist - Excerpt From "Jaws"
A6 Mystery Hearsay - Caplet
A7 Joseph Nechvatal - Another Excerpt From "Absurd"
A8 Vivenza Forces - Jointes En Nombre
A9 37 - Pink Skulls
A10 Deathranch - Excerpt From "Gas"
A11 Joel Haertling - Soundtrack From The Stan Brakhage Film "Fireloop"
A12 Architects Office - A06D.4 Excerpt 1
B1 The Amnesia Quartet - Slob
B2 Rick Sanford - Swepyt
B3 Joseph Nechvatal Final - Excerpt From "Absurd"
B4 Ramleh - Excerpt From "Hate"
B5 Scott Fraser - Phils Shoes
B6 Brook Hinton - What Are We Missing?
B7 PGR - Kingdoms Of The Sun
B8 Merzbow - Re-Mark
B9 Philip Perkins - Worrisome Fanfare / Weekend With The Kids
B10 Architects Office - A06D.4 Excerpt 2

Side A
Side B

Monday, May 4, 2009

□ 9 - Tsunami .2

Usually referred to as Square Nine, a one off LP on the Majora label. The only info on this is "Recorded and mixed live by □ 9 at the Grande Theater, Buenos Aires". But, from the Official Sun City Girls Discography:

"Square Nine is a collaboration with the Residents and David Oliphant from Maybe Mental. There, I said it! (Camera switches to a boarding house full of self-proclaimed Residents 'completists' scrambling for the nearest butcher knife to end it all). Of course it couldn't be true, right? Hell, I never took any oath!" -- Rick Bishop

□ 9 - Tsunami .2

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Two Daughters - Gloria/Kiss The Cloth

One of my favorite United Dairies releases. Credited only to Anthony & Paul "a division of United Dairies Records". For more info -Kiss The Cloth / Gloria

Two Daughters - Gloria/Kiss The Cloth