Sunday, February 28, 2010

Due Process - RRRadio 34 / RRRadio WMBR

RRRadio was a monthly 'spontaneous record/tape collage with improvisational music accompaniments' on WZBC in the late 80's using tape contributions from various artists (such as Asmus Tietchnes, Frans DeWaard, Esplendor Geometrico, Human Flesh, Illusion Of Safety, P16.D4, PBK, Runzelstirn & Gurglestock, John Wiggins...), as well as RRR mail order customers.

"RRR extents an open invitation to all interested individuals to participate in RRRadio by sending backing tapes, tape loops, environmental recordings, unfinished works, extraneous noises, etc * basically. Anything that can be used for collage purposes. RRR promises to send a dub of the show using your contribution."

Here are 2 complete shows. Outside of Ron Lessard & Wha, as well as a certain sporadic music blogger, contributors to these particular shows are unknown, Occasioanlly chaotic, often amusing, but never just a bunch of random noise. I particularly like RRRadio 34, but some nice moments throughout each.

RRRadio 34


Friday, February 26, 2010

P16.D4 & Swimming Behavior Of The Human Infant - Nichts Niemand Nirgends Nie!

Selektion (SLP 011), 1986

Transformations of sound. Sides A & B each artist individually, Side C live improvisations by both, and Side D new compositions using material from all of the above.

"Nichts Niemand Nirgends Nie...was a result of many processes of transformation. Side 1 of the LP was recorded by P16.D4, side 2 by SBOTHI (Achim Wollscheid) and both partners used each other's materials, intermediate materials and finished pieces as material for their own pieces. Side 3 had some pieces of musique concrète improvisée by both partners, while side 4 consisted of three tracks. The first, by P16.D4, used sides 1 to 3 as source material, the 2nd, by S.B.O.T.H.I, used track one of side 4 and the third, by P16.D4, used the second and third tracks of the 4th side." Ralf Wehowsky

Seite A: P16.D4 (Studio)
1 - Passagen-Kryptokontur
2 - |=:-|/*|-;-|
3 - |:"/"|
4 - V:irtuelle Altäre
5 - Neger Am Laster

Seite B SBOTHI (Studio)
1 - My Life In The Mailbox
2 - V
3 - Dynasty
4 - Ave Maria
5 - Blues
6 - Ribbentrop
7 - Rip'd'drop
8 - Shavers
9 - Bunte Herrentaschentücher
10 - 178

Seite C: P16.D4 + SBOTHI (Liveaufnahmen)
1 - My Last World Will Be
2 - Ex Post Facto
3 - Rotron II

Seite D: SBOTHI + P16.D4 (Transformation)
1 - The Other Cellophane Upsurge
2 - 7 Abschnitte
3 - Syntax Der Zerlegten Sinne

Nichts Niemand Nirgends Nie!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Z'ev - Metaphonics for BH

Personalized version of Metaphonics available for a time via the Rhythmajik website. Each version of this was unique. This one quieter and lower in frequency than the others I've heard. Close your eyes and drift...

"Metaphonics is the word that I coined for that family of sounds which are intended to function on a shall we say sacred level and which possess the ability to alter the consciousness and/or induce a Trance state in a group or individual.

It is recommended that these CD's be listened to in total darkness. Usually the easiest way to accomplish this is by using some sort of scarf etc. to cover your eyes. If you can get a room completely light proofed that is the best, because then you can listen with your eyes open.

Over the years I have been presenting my live music in just such environments and here's a bit about that [from program notes]:

These sessions occur in the complete dark with the participants lying on mats. Their purpose is to produce a synaesthetic experience in the listener. In this case people are seeing what they are hearing. People report a variety of psychic / emotional experiences focused through a range of visualizations; from abstract firework-like flashings to geometric imagery to cartoony type things to visions which are as representational as if they were a dream or guided meditation."

Metaphonics for BH