Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase

One LP and two singles of prepared guitar and tape collage from Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase (one Chris Cooper, formerly of Caroliner, Deerhoof). What I imagine a microphone attached to beetle might sound like, as he goes about his day...

Beatings With Gimpy Flighted Wings Entrapped By Post-Fence Of Garish-Land
Menlo Park Recordings (Menlo Park 7017) 1999

a1 - Agar Agar Is My Love
a2 - Schematic For The First Deer State
b1 - Iunozmyerts In Flight (Interior View)
b2 - Oh Dung You People: Frogs Dig 1,000 Miles Deep

Myth Of The Golden Jackal And The Frog 7"
Birdman Records (BMR-009), 1996

a - Myth Of The Golden Jackal And The Frog
b - Iunozmyerts In Flight (Side View)

El Sabor Rojo / The Spirt Of Rock 7"
Serene Sardine (SS 03)

a - El Sabor Rojo
b - The Spirt Of Rock

Angst Has Pfeffer Nase

Fibulator - drankfromtheasphalt

Fibulator - drankfromtheasphalt
Electro Motive Records (Cpa 013), 1993

Excellent combination of skewed angular pop sensibilities, moody atmospheres, and dueling female vocals. Hard to categorize, but think of a more upbeat Art Bears, with a little Thinking Fellers and Red Crayola/Art & Language's Kangaroo? thrown in and you may get an idea.

a1 Her Hair All One Thing
a2 Where Do You Think I'm From Cowtown
a3 Protectorate
a4 untitled
a5 Listmaking
b1 Sandwiched
b2 Meet Me At The 52
b3 Horace Hemlicke
b4 untitled