Monday, December 20, 2010

Theatre Of Ice - 3 tapes

Three early cassettes from Theatre Of Ice. Although what came after has a more 'typical' gothic rock sound, these three tapes are much more on the experimental side. Heavy Chrome-damage abounds, always a good thing.

"Theatre of Ice were an early Deathrock (Gothic rock) band that formed in the Nevada desert in December 1978. Initially formed to record a soundtrack for a horror movie, the members instead evolved into what some claim was the first Deathrock band. Owing more initially to experimental groups such as Throbbing Gristle, Suicide and Chrome, the band also cited bands as diverse as Iron Butterfly, Blue Öyster Cult, The Moody Blues and Roxy Music as major influences. Theatre of Ice brought a modern approach to gothic-horror themes by tackling the idea of an underground spook show in the contemporary world."

Theatre Of Ice Wikipedia
Theatre Of Ice on
Theatre Of Ice Official Site

The Haunting
Beyond the Graves of Passion
A Cool, Dark Place To Die

CD-R's of A Cool, Dark, Place To Die as well as Mouse Blood (a collection of material from the cassettes, both with improved sound quality), and more can be found here:


Monday, December 13, 2010

V/A - Sound From Hands

Minus Habens (MHCD 003), 1992

1 - Sigillum S - Chloroform Rewind: A Sharp Approach To Suppressing
2 - Skullflower - IIIrd Gatekeeper
3 - M.T.T. Mauro Teho Teardo - Mescaline Gun
4 - Massimo Toniutti - Balcone Con Balaustra
5 - The Grey Wolves - Incinerate
6 - Pacific 231 - Good Fucking, Tracy Lords
7 - Ramleh - Slammers
8 - Blackhouse - 4x4
9 - Nightmare Lodge - The Lift
10 - Asmus Tietchens - Nachtgalle
11 - Phallus Dei - Power (Ode To Death)
12 - Cindytalk - Empty Hand
13 - Jouissance - Cathedral Like Or Cave Like
14 - Master/Slave Relationship - Bloodbath
15 - Iugula-Thor - Xes Lived

Sound From Hands

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Organ 31 - Spiritus Sanctum

Organhouse, date unknown (mid-80's)

Very mysterious, occult ritual-industrial similar to that released by Nekrophile Records, early Ain Soph, Current 93's Lashtal, et al. Beyond that I have no idea, as there is absolutely no information whatsoever on the packaging other than track titles. Any info anyone might have regarding them would be most appreciated.

Spiritus Lycanthropique
a1 Hounds Of Hell
a2 Dog Star
a3 Danbhalah La Flambeau
a4 Digitaria

Hymn Of Ur
b1 The Gate Way
b2 Sumerian Charm Against Demons That Assail In The Night
b3 ...And He Strayed From The Path With She
b4 Niether-Niether
b5 Kether

Organ 31 - Spiritus Sanctum

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase

One LP and two singles of prepared guitar and tape collage from Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase (one Chris Cooper, formerly of Caroliner, Deerhoof). What I imagine a microphone attached to beetle might sound like, as he goes about his day...

Beatings With Gimpy Flighted Wings Entrapped By Post-Fence Of Garish-Land
Menlo Park Recordings (Menlo Park 7017) 1999

a1 - Agar Agar Is My Love
a2 - Schematic For The First Deer State
b1 - Iunozmyerts In Flight (Interior View)
b2 - Oh Dung You People: Frogs Dig 1,000 Miles Deep

Myth Of The Golden Jackal And The Frog 7"
Birdman Records (BMR-009), 1996

a - Myth Of The Golden Jackal And The Frog
b - Iunozmyerts In Flight (Side View)

El Sabor Rojo / The Spirt Of Rock 7"
Serene Sardine (SS 03)

a - El Sabor Rojo
b - The Spirt Of Rock

Angst Has Pfeffer Nase

Fibulator - drankfromtheasphalt

Fibulator - drankfromtheasphalt
Electro Motive Records (Cpa 013), 1993

Excellent combination of skewed angular pop sensibilities, moody atmospheres, and dueling female vocals. Hard to categorize, but think of a more upbeat Art Bears, with a little Thinking Fellers and Red Crayola/Art & Language's Kangaroo? thrown in and you may get an idea.

a1 Her Hair All One Thing
a2 Where Do You Think I'm From Cowtown
a3 Protectorate
a4 untitled
a5 Listmaking
b1 Sandwiched
b2 Meet Me At The 52
b3 Horace Hemlicke
b4 untitled


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Skullflower - No Fun Fest 5-17-09

Live performance from the 2009 No Fun Fest, May 15,16,17 in Brooklyn NY. Skullflower ended the 3 day festival, which also included performances by Sonic Youth, Bardo Pond, Conrad Schnitzler, and others.

Skullflower - No Fun Fest

Friday, June 11, 2010

Homo Sexpiens Project

3Rio Tapes

Very interesting and eclectic thematic compilation from Hybryds' 3Rio Tapes label. Beautifully mixed by Magthea, this almost plays more like a sound collage than a compilation. From noise and various flavors of experimental to gay love songs (literally), not to mention the obligatory porn samples aplenty. This was released in 2 editions, a c90 with art booklet (unfortunately missing from my copy) and later as a c60 minus a few tracks.

a1 Janice Peshke + Absolute Controlled Clinical Maniacs - Nymph
a2 Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl - Cherry Sized Nipples Are Classic
a3 Experdo Credo Roberto - 20000 Geile Maagden
a4 Rudi Wilderjans + The Haters - Sexmix + The Whipping
a5 Misz - Don't Do That Doing Doggy
a6 Mask - Decay
a7 Psyclones & Schlafengarten - Tenderloin
a8 Soft Joke - Fast Love
a9 Zanonym - Lilith
a10 Dennis Carlton - Could She Love Me?
a11 Merzbow - Corruption (Exerpt)
a12 De Fabriek - Interviews + Weltschmerz - Nein (Exerpts)
a13 Barry Edgar Pilcher + Weltschmerz - Sexophonesounds
a14 37 Pink - Klub Pussy
a15 Robert English - Bulge
b1 Pan-Pan - Toskan
b2 Unovidual + Absent - My Lesbian Girlfirends
b3 P231 - Sexual Ritual + Inmix Emanuele
b4 Sigmund Und Sein Freund - Eat My Pussy
b5 Pleasure Girls - Dirty Words
b6 Man's Hate - Flash Of Flesh
b7 DDAA - Amour Amour
b8 Het Zweet + Koffie Verkeerd - Dante's Second Circle + Excerpt From Doornroosje Interview
b9 Viscera - Mons Vernis
b10 Merzbow - Corruption (Exerpt)
b11 Red Rat - Untitled Sounds + Inmix
b12 BGF - Untitled Sounds
b13 Weltschmerz + Pleasure Girls + Kibbo Kift + De Fabriek + Barry Edgar Pilcher - Kneel And Kiss + Interviews + Saxsound

Homo Sexpiens Project

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Allerseelen - Schwartzer Rab

C60 (Sakristei, Austria)

"The raven plays an essential part in Indian, Siberian, and Eskimo cultures. In their tales, there are various connections between raven and sun. The raven is playing with the light. It is stealing it to bring it to man, but is also taking it away again....

Recordings of ravens appear on several releases by Allerseelen. As the raven has almost died out in Middle Europe. The musical works by Allerseelen may be considered as requiem for this bird as well as evocation of it's survival.

'In this moment the raven itself took away the sun, as there were too many men who killed too many animals. Without light men should die.' (Eskimo tale)"

a Schwartzer Rab
b1 Arche
b2 Schwartzstinckend Gifft
b3 Sigrist
b4 Herbstzeitlose

Allerseelen - Schwartzer Rab

Schwartzer Rab. Chorol requiem for raven, violine, kettledrum.
Recorded on 16.X1.989

Arche. Schwartzstinckend Gifft. Sigrist. Herbstzeitlose.
Recorded on 17.X1.989

Allerseelen - Autdaruta

A couple of early Allerseelen tapes. While later releases have more of a martial-industrial-neofolk sound, the early cassettes are usually much more sparse and ritualistic in character.

"In my music I am working very much with noises, sounds. I am using them as symbols to represent and express certain ideas. My music is a psychoacoustic symbolism, it should be a sacred science incorporating mythological and psychological aspects." - Kadmon

Allerseelen - Autdaruta
C60 (Aorta, Austria)

Instruments: Ravens, Wolves, Chorol Flute, Bones, Violine, Bass, Drums, Synth.
Recorded at Sakristei from 28th June to 13th July, 1989.

a1 Fenris
a2 Korava
a3 Autdaruta
a4 Wolfram
a5 Schwartzer Rab
b1 Hugin
b2 Munin
b3 Freki
b4 Geri
b5 Nuctemeron

Allerseelen - Autdaruta

Saturday, May 15, 2010

John Duncan - River In Flames

Anckarström R9, 1991

River In Flames (Catalyst; Zone, Codex; Crosstalk; 5 In Gold; River In Flames)

John Duncan - River In Flames

Also released 1994 as part of the 2CD River In Flames/Klaar.

Stelarc - Stelarc

Anckarström R6, 1991

"The artificial hand, attached to the right arm as a third hand, motor mechanism picked up by a contact mic...Body processes amplified include brainwaves, muscles, heartbeat, pulse, blood flow... Actions such as flicking of the fingers, bending the arm, twitching the facial muscles, turning the torso, and lifting the leg bring forth a cascade of sound...buzzing, warbling, clicking, thumping, beeping, and whooshing sounds... The Argon laser eyes are modulated by the heartbeat, pulsing on and off..." 

1 Obsolete: Ampified Body & Third Hand
2 Remote: Automatic Arm, Sound-Responsive Eyes & Third Hand
3 Laser Eyes, Eternal Ears
4 Elapsed Horizon, Enhanced Assumption

Stelarc - Stelarc

"Having spent two thousand years prodding and poking the human psyche without any real discernible changes in our historical and human outlook, we perhaps need to take a more fundamental physiological and structural approach, and consider the fact that it's only through radically redesigning the body that we will end up having significantly different thoughts and philosophies." Stelarc.

Phauss - Nya Sverige - Nothing But The Truth

Anckarström A5, 1991

Phauss - Nya Sverige - Nothing But The Truth
Nothing But The Truth - Including: Moving Towards The Sun/Supreme Bliss/Folkwar

Phauss: Carl Michael Von Hausswolff & Erik Pauser


"Swedish project label series of ten CDs and one LP documenting the Swedish and international electroacoustic and noise music scene at the beginning of the 1990s. It is named after Jacob Johan Anckarström, who was responsible for the assassination of King Gustav III in Sweden in 1792, and the catalogue numbers of the label correspond to the letter positions of the word 'Anckarström'."

Initially offered as a subscription series of 11 CD's. The 11th, The Hafler Trio - Negentropy, ended being delayed and was released 3 years later as an LP.

A1 The Sons Of God - Mission
N2 Arcane Device - Also Sprach Zarathustra
C3 The Hafler Trio - The Hafler Trio Play The Hafler Trio
K4 Zbigniew Karkowski - Uexkull
A5 Phauss Nya Sverige - Nothing But The Truth
R6 Stelarc - Stelarc
S7 White Stains - The Somewhat Lost Horizon
T8 If, Bwana/XTSW - R.ISMV.1
R9 John Duncan - River In Flames
Ö10 Dror Feiler - The Celestial Fire
M11 The Hafler Trio - Negentropy

A few of these have been posted elsewhere, as indicated below. The others (minus The Hafler Trio out of respect to the artist) coming up.

Arcane Device - Also Sprach Zarathustra (from Mysterioso Implossivel)
Zbigniew Karkowski - Uexkull (from Audio Tong netlabel)
White Stains - The Somewhat Lost Horizon (from Because God Told Me To Do It)
If, Bwana/XTSW - R.ISMV.1 (from nostalgie de la boue)
Dror Feiler - The Celestial Fire (from bravo juju)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

V/A - Mouvements - Compilation Européenne

Mouvements - Compilation Européenne
La Légende Des Voix (LDV 003), 1990

Nice compilation including the full version of Zoviet France "Something This Beautiful" (also included in truncated form on their 'Collusion' CD).

1 Un Drame Musical Instantané - Le Futur Abyssal
2 Muslimgauze - Gulf War Part 3
3 Cranioclast - HigH Dynamic NO! FUNction
4 Asmus Tietchens - Karma Finanz
5 De Fabriek - Shamrock
6 Brume - Red Shift Infiltration
7 Vrischika - Décompression
8 Philip J. - Amok
9 Zoviet France - Something This Beautiful
10 Désaccord Majeur - Spéculation

Mouvements - Compilation Européenne

Monday, April 19, 2010

The New Blockaders - TNB Est Mort!

The New Blockaders - TNB Est Mort!
Tesco Organisation (TESCO 022) 1995
2CD Boxset.

90 blissful minutes of whistle, scrape, and crash. Kind of like standing in a construction site surrounded by boiling tea kettles, while metal boxes are being dragged, dropped, and crushed, and sheets of aluminum shimmer and shake on all sides. Quite nice, actually.


TNB Est Mort (

Disc One:
01 - Free Uninterrupted Collective Karma Part 1
02 - Free Uninterrupted Collective Karma Part 2
Disc Two:
01 - Free Uninterrupted Collective Karma Part 3
01 - Free Uninterrupted Collective Karma Part 4

The New Blockaders - TNB Est Mort!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Rubber (O) Cement - Clusto Pumps + The Flawge & Toggle

2 Rubber (O) Cement cassettes. No description I could give could surpass this:

"Rubber O Cement was put together as a direct idea for a super science future that will happen after some basic electricity classes. The next technological breakthroughs are realized in a zero-tech way with the emulation of the unrealized 'next step' with the actual "vision" existing in the present. The first experiment was to build a Computer that plays music and looks like it's doing something. The original CIMEVOX 30084 could shake and twirl it's reel to reels while playing some of the most tortured synthesizer sounds [sounding like it's doing something]... Next up: the human head! It can store only so much information within it’s small dome. A cube shape is not only ‘functional’ it looks good and can stack easily at night next to other cubes depending on the amount of money invested for memory." - Rubber (O) Cement

'The CLUSTO PUMP: A simple used shoe with a cassette of Rubber O Cement's music that mixed with the instructions allows the listener super human 'feets'.'

'The FLAWGE-TOGGLER: This joystick and patch kit of bat wings and wires allowed the buyer to assemble his and her angle monitor planes that worked on algea and garbage. It came with a calm tone cd or cassette. The big goal, that every fan is behind at this point, is to have a show on the moon within the next 15 years using rocket jets as instruments with the Cimevox made into a sending/receiving satellite. Please wish them luck...'

Clusto Pumps + The Flawge & Toggle

Friday, March 12, 2010

Born Out Of Dreams

 "An International Compilation featuring:
NURSE WITH WOUND, P.D., P16.D4, 391,

Great great GREAT compilation from 1985. Limited edition of 500 with a 12 page art booklet (conspicuously absent from my copy, oh well). Although I've seen this posted elsewhere, I thought it deserved a little higher quality bitrate. This is about 250K VBR.

Born Out Of Dreams
Frux (FruxLP 01), 1985

a1 Fear Of Thought - Helen Lane
a2 Enrico Piva - Flogging Hour In The HKA
a3 P16.D4 - Koronardilatation
a4 O Yuki Conjugate - E Tribal
a5 P.D. - Im Rausch Der Geschwindigkeit
a6 Nurse With Wound - Automating (Again)
b1 Muslimgauze - Sakharov
b2 391 - Gt'2
b3 The New Blockaders - Seinsart
b4 LLL - The Dark Forces Have Taken Over
b5 New 7th Music - Coatlicue
b6 Mixed Band Philanthropist - Those Who Kissed Now Wept, Those Who Wept Now Sang

Born Out Of Dreams

Friday, March 5, 2010

Various - Mjölnir

Double cassette compilation on Cthulhu Records from 1990.

Cthulhu Records (CR 10)

Side 1
Le Syndicat - Killing At Home
Sigillum S - Warmamurder
Somewhere In Europe - The Last Summer
Somewhere In Europe - Separate Torsos
La Sonorité Jaune - Osora
La Sonorité Jaune - Rehaa (Excerpt)
Club Moral - Song Of The Vulva
Haters, The - SYI 29

Side 2
Entre Vifs - Concatenation
Slave State - Divide & Conquer
Kapotte Musiek - Audio Plagio 8 (Bienenkoenigin)
Gerstein - Tulunggu
Gerstein - Lu'Ningu
Eric Lunde - XcHdX / Partial Being
Con-Dom - Get Right With God I (Live)

Side 3
Ain Soph - Hand In Hand
Allerseelen - Sturm
Allerseelen - Schwartzer Rab
Vox Populi! - Alli (Ritual Sufi Song)
Nightmare Lodge - Tra Le Fiamme Del Nido

Side 4
Crash Worship - Shadow Weapon
Crash Worship - Dance With The Birdwoman
Hybryds - Introspection
Hybryds - Le Cri De L'Enfer
Hybryds - Bella
Ipsos & Zone Void - Black Flame Mantra
Autopsia - Show Me Your Wound (Live)

Mjolnir cassette 1
Mjolnir cassette 2

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Due Process - RRRadio 34 / RRRadio WMBR

RRRadio was a monthly 'spontaneous record/tape collage with improvisational music accompaniments' on WZBC in the late 80's using tape contributions from various artists (such as Asmus Tietchnes, Frans DeWaard, Esplendor Geometrico, Human Flesh, Illusion Of Safety, P16.D4, PBK, Runzelstirn & Gurglestock, John Wiggins...), as well as RRR mail order customers.

"RRR extents an open invitation to all interested individuals to participate in RRRadio by sending backing tapes, tape loops, environmental recordings, unfinished works, extraneous noises, etc * basically. Anything that can be used for collage purposes. RRR promises to send a dub of the show using your contribution."

Here are 2 complete shows. Outside of Ron Lessard & Wha, as well as a certain sporadic music blogger, contributors to these particular shows are unknown, Occasioanlly chaotic, often amusing, but never just a bunch of random noise. I particularly like RRRadio 34, but some nice moments throughout each.

RRRadio 34


Friday, February 26, 2010

P16.D4 & Swimming Behavior Of The Human Infant - Nichts Niemand Nirgends Nie!

Selektion (SLP 011), 1986

Transformations of sound. Sides A & B each artist individually, Side C live improvisations by both, and Side D new compositions using material from all of the above.

"Nichts Niemand Nirgends Nie...was a result of many processes of transformation. Side 1 of the LP was recorded by P16.D4, side 2 by SBOTHI (Achim Wollscheid) and both partners used each other's materials, intermediate materials and finished pieces as material for their own pieces. Side 3 had some pieces of musique concrète improvisée by both partners, while side 4 consisted of three tracks. The first, by P16.D4, used sides 1 to 3 as source material, the 2nd, by S.B.O.T.H.I, used track one of side 4 and the third, by P16.D4, used the second and third tracks of the 4th side." Ralf Wehowsky

Seite A: P16.D4 (Studio)
1 - Passagen-Kryptokontur
2 - |=:-|/*|-;-|
3 - |:"/"|
4 - V:irtuelle Altäre
5 - Neger Am Laster

Seite B SBOTHI (Studio)
1 - My Life In The Mailbox
2 - V
3 - Dynasty
4 - Ave Maria
5 - Blues
6 - Ribbentrop
7 - Rip'd'drop
8 - Shavers
9 - Bunte Herrentaschentücher
10 - 178

Seite C: P16.D4 + SBOTHI (Liveaufnahmen)
1 - My Last World Will Be
2 - Ex Post Facto
3 - Rotron II

Seite D: SBOTHI + P16.D4 (Transformation)
1 - The Other Cellophane Upsurge
2 - 7 Abschnitte
3 - Syntax Der Zerlegten Sinne

Nichts Niemand Nirgends Nie!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Z'ev - Metaphonics for BH

Personalized version of Metaphonics available for a time via the Rhythmajik website. Each version of this was unique. This one quieter and lower in frequency than the others I've heard. Close your eyes and drift...

"Metaphonics is the word that I coined for that family of sounds which are intended to function on a shall we say sacred level and which possess the ability to alter the consciousness and/or induce a Trance state in a group or individual.

It is recommended that these CD's be listened to in total darkness. Usually the easiest way to accomplish this is by using some sort of scarf etc. to cover your eyes. If you can get a room completely light proofed that is the best, because then you can listen with your eyes open.

Over the years I have been presenting my live music in just such environments and here's a bit about that [from program notes]:

These sessions occur in the complete dark with the participants lying on mats. Their purpose is to produce a synaesthetic experience in the listener. In this case people are seeing what they are hearing. People report a variety of psychic / emotional experiences focused through a range of visualizations; from abstract firework-like flashings to geometric imagery to cartoony type things to visions which are as representational as if they were a dream or guided meditation."

Metaphonics for BH

Friday, January 8, 2010

mystery tape

I bought this a years ago as 'Small Cruel Party - But Life A Child Kept Still', but it's obviously not and I have no clue who this actually is. Very interesting guitar, bass, voice, trumpet... improv. If anyone out there knows what it may be, I'd love to know. A couple of samples here, as well as the rest...

sample 1
sample 2

mystery tape