Saturday, May 29, 2010

Allerseelen - Schwartzer Rab

C60 (Sakristei, Austria)

"The raven plays an essential part in Indian, Siberian, and Eskimo cultures. In their tales, there are various connections between raven and sun. The raven is playing with the light. It is stealing it to bring it to man, but is also taking it away again....

Recordings of ravens appear on several releases by Allerseelen. As the raven has almost died out in Middle Europe. The musical works by Allerseelen may be considered as requiem for this bird as well as evocation of it's survival.

'In this moment the raven itself took away the sun, as there were too many men who killed too many animals. Without light men should die.' (Eskimo tale)"

a Schwartzer Rab
b1 Arche
b2 Schwartzstinckend Gifft
b3 Sigrist
b4 Herbstzeitlose

Allerseelen - Schwartzer Rab

Schwartzer Rab. Chorol requiem for raven, violine, kettledrum.
Recorded on 16.X1.989

Arche. Schwartzstinckend Gifft. Sigrist. Herbstzeitlose.
Recorded on 17.X1.989

Allerseelen - Autdaruta

A couple of early Allerseelen tapes. While later releases have more of a martial-industrial-neofolk sound, the early cassettes are usually much more sparse and ritualistic in character.

"In my music I am working very much with noises, sounds. I am using them as symbols to represent and express certain ideas. My music is a psychoacoustic symbolism, it should be a sacred science incorporating mythological and psychological aspects." - Kadmon

Allerseelen - Autdaruta
C60 (Aorta, Austria)

Instruments: Ravens, Wolves, Chorol Flute, Bones, Violine, Bass, Drums, Synth.
Recorded at Sakristei from 28th June to 13th July, 1989.

a1 Fenris
a2 Korava
a3 Autdaruta
a4 Wolfram
a5 Schwartzer Rab
b1 Hugin
b2 Munin
b3 Freki
b4 Geri
b5 Nuctemeron

Allerseelen - Autdaruta

Saturday, May 15, 2010

John Duncan - River In Flames

Anckarström R9, 1991

River In Flames (Catalyst; Zone, Codex; Crosstalk; 5 In Gold; River In Flames)

John Duncan - River In Flames

Also released 1994 as part of the 2CD River In Flames/Klaar.

Stelarc - Stelarc

Anckarström R6, 1991

"The artificial hand, attached to the right arm as a third hand, motor mechanism picked up by a contact mic...Body processes amplified include brainwaves, muscles, heartbeat, pulse, blood flow... Actions such as flicking of the fingers, bending the arm, twitching the facial muscles, turning the torso, and lifting the leg bring forth a cascade of sound...buzzing, warbling, clicking, thumping, beeping, and whooshing sounds... The Argon laser eyes are modulated by the heartbeat, pulsing on and off..." 

1 Obsolete: Ampified Body & Third Hand
2 Remote: Automatic Arm, Sound-Responsive Eyes & Third Hand
3 Laser Eyes, Eternal Ears
4 Elapsed Horizon, Enhanced Assumption

Stelarc - Stelarc

"Having spent two thousand years prodding and poking the human psyche without any real discernible changes in our historical and human outlook, we perhaps need to take a more fundamental physiological and structural approach, and consider the fact that it's only through radically redesigning the body that we will end up having significantly different thoughts and philosophies." Stelarc.

Phauss - Nya Sverige - Nothing But The Truth

Anckarström A5, 1991

Phauss - Nya Sverige - Nothing But The Truth
Nothing But The Truth - Including: Moving Towards The Sun/Supreme Bliss/Folkwar

Phauss: Carl Michael Von Hausswolff & Erik Pauser


"Swedish project label series of ten CDs and one LP documenting the Swedish and international electroacoustic and noise music scene at the beginning of the 1990s. It is named after Jacob Johan Anckarström, who was responsible for the assassination of King Gustav III in Sweden in 1792, and the catalogue numbers of the label correspond to the letter positions of the word 'Anckarström'."

Initially offered as a subscription series of 11 CD's. The 11th, The Hafler Trio - Negentropy, ended being delayed and was released 3 years later as an LP.

A1 The Sons Of God - Mission
N2 Arcane Device - Also Sprach Zarathustra
C3 The Hafler Trio - The Hafler Trio Play The Hafler Trio
K4 Zbigniew Karkowski - Uexkull
A5 Phauss Nya Sverige - Nothing But The Truth
R6 Stelarc - Stelarc
S7 White Stains - The Somewhat Lost Horizon
T8 If, Bwana/XTSW - R.ISMV.1
R9 John Duncan - River In Flames
Ö10 Dror Feiler - The Celestial Fire
M11 The Hafler Trio - Negentropy

A few of these have been posted elsewhere, as indicated below. The others (minus The Hafler Trio out of respect to the artist) coming up.

Arcane Device - Also Sprach Zarathustra (from Mysterioso Implossivel)
Zbigniew Karkowski - Uexkull (from Audio Tong netlabel)
White Stains - The Somewhat Lost Horizon (from Because God Told Me To Do It)
If, Bwana/XTSW - R.ISMV.1 (from nostalgie de la boue)
Dror Feiler - The Celestial Fire (from bravo juju)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

V/A - Mouvements - Compilation Européenne

Mouvements - Compilation Européenne
La Légende Des Voix (LDV 003), 1990

Nice compilation including the full version of Zoviet France "Something This Beautiful" (also included in truncated form on their 'Collusion' CD).

1 Un Drame Musical Instantané - Le Futur Abyssal
2 Muslimgauze - Gulf War Part 3
3 Cranioclast - HigH Dynamic NO! FUNction
4 Asmus Tietchens - Karma Finanz
5 De Fabriek - Shamrock
6 Brume - Red Shift Infiltration
7 Vrischika - Décompression
8 Philip J. - Amok
9 Zoviet France - Something This Beautiful
10 Désaccord Majeur - Spéculation

Mouvements - Compilation Européenne