Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Organ 31 - Spiritus Sanctum

Organhouse, date unknown (mid-80's)

Very mysterious, occult ritual-industrial similar to that released by Nekrophile Records, early Ain Soph, Current 93's Lashtal, et al. Beyond that I have no idea, as there is absolutely no information whatsoever on the packaging other than track titles. Any info anyone might have regarding them would be most appreciated.

Spiritus Lycanthropique
a1 Hounds Of Hell
a2 Dog Star
a3 Danbhalah La Flambeau
a4 Digitaria

Hymn Of Ur
b1 The Gate Way
b2 Sumerian Charm Against Demons That Assail In The Night
b3 ...And He Strayed From The Path With She
b4 Niether-Niether
b5 Kether

Organ 31 - Spiritus Sanctum