Monday, December 20, 2010

Theatre Of Ice - 3 tapes

Three early cassettes from Theatre Of Ice. Although what came after has a more 'typical' gothic rock sound, these three tapes are much more on the experimental side. Heavy Chrome-damage abounds, always a good thing.

"Theatre of Ice were an early Deathrock (Gothic rock) band that formed in the Nevada desert in December 1978. Initially formed to record a soundtrack for a horror movie, the members instead evolved into what some claim was the first Deathrock band. Owing more initially to experimental groups such as Throbbing Gristle, Suicide and Chrome, the band also cited bands as diverse as Iron Butterfly, Blue Öyster Cult, The Moody Blues and Roxy Music as major influences. Theatre of Ice brought a modern approach to gothic-horror themes by tackling the idea of an underground spook show in the contemporary world."

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The Haunting
Beyond the Graves of Passion
A Cool, Dark Place To Die

CD-R's of A Cool, Dark, Place To Die as well as Mouse Blood (a collection of material from the cassettes, both with improved sound quality), and more can be found here:


Monday, December 13, 2010

V/A - Sound From Hands

Minus Habens (MHCD 003), 1992

1 - Sigillum S - Chloroform Rewind: A Sharp Approach To Suppressing
2 - Skullflower - IIIrd Gatekeeper
3 - M.T.T. Mauro Teho Teardo - Mescaline Gun
4 - Massimo Toniutti - Balcone Con Balaustra
5 - The Grey Wolves - Incinerate
6 - Pacific 231 - Good Fucking, Tracy Lords
7 - Ramleh - Slammers
8 - Blackhouse - 4x4
9 - Nightmare Lodge - The Lift
10 - Asmus Tietchens - Nachtgalle
11 - Phallus Dei - Power (Ode To Death)
12 - Cindytalk - Empty Hand
13 - Jouissance - Cathedral Like Or Cave Like
14 - Master/Slave Relationship - Bloodbath
15 - Iugula-Thor - Xes Lived

Sound From Hands